Data Science is an emerging field that combines machine learning expertise with high computational skills and deep background knowledge and understanding of the problems to be solved. Recently, we have completed several I+D projects (some other are still ongoing) involving the application of machine learning algorithms to very large datasets, as a preliminary step towards more complex Big Data/Data Science developments to come.

We are using the web and mobile services as a data source, and some of our projects involve the analysis of massive amounts of data collected from internet or from users interacting with a service to build tools for several purposes. We have used Semantic Latents for the watching of the TIC sector and development of Information Society, we are analyzing and characterizing the .es and .eu domains, we have built a Recommender System for a mobile platform application, and we have developed tools for the analysis and matching between job offers and official studies in Spain, among several other.

You may visit the demonstration page for some of these applications in the following links: